Pre-Conference Workshops: Tuesday

Optional extra pre-conference workshops will be offered on Tuesday 29th May.

Date: Tuesday 29th May 2018
Location: Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre
Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm

Workshop 1: Interaction of Catchment Flooding with Coastal Processes

This workshop aims to provide an understanding of how the interaction of catchment flooding and coastal processes can vary in coastal waterways and influence risks to the community, to discuss practical approaches to management of risk to communities in these areas, and outline the future challenges in addressing this interaction as the climate changes. The workshop will draw upon the experience of a range of industry experts from across Australia to share their experience and knowledge.

Workshop 2: Community Engagement in the Floodplain Management Process

This workshop will explore current approaches and methods for effective community engagement to help floodplain managers deliver projects, such as studies or engineering works. Improved flood education and having people understand the floodplain management process to recognise their risks is a key factor in changing their behaviour in the face of natural disasters. The workshop will draw on expertise from the public and private sectors in how to best meet the challenges in engaging target audiences for meaningful outcomes, and will involve hands-on exercises to practice these skills.

Cost $190

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Pre-Conference Seminars

Date: Monday 28th May 2018
Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel Surfers Paradise, (Please note this is not the FMA National Conference Venue)
Time: 1.00pm – 2.45pm (Seminar 1), 3.15pm – 5.00pm (Seminar 2)

Seminar 1: HEC-RAS 2D – New Features and Validation Testing

HEC-RAS has continued to evolve rapidly with new features, computational improvements, increased computational speed and other enhanced features with the new release of Version 5.0.4. This seminar will provide an overview and demonstration of these new features and the future 5.1 version enhancements to HEC-RAS for doing both 1D and 2D hydraulic modeling. An overview will also be provided of the validation testing that has been performed and the updated benchmarking study that was performed.

Seminar 2: High Resolution, Gauge-adjusted Radar Rainfall: The Next Level of Modeling Storm Runoff

A model is only as good as the data that you put into it. This seminar will be devoted to the understanding, development, and application of gauge-adjusted radar rainfall (GARR) data in Australia. During the seminar, attendees will learn a methodology that utilizes GIS and radar data supplied from the Bureau of Meteorology to recreate a given current or historic storm with a high level of spatial and temporal accuracy over a customized domain. GARR output takes storm forensic analysis, hydrologic model calibration, and the potential for "what if?" scenario modeling to the next level.

In order to expand the content of our Radar Rainfall seminar, the FMA is pleased to announce that Brian Jackson from WaterTech will join the presentation team.  Brian will provide specific guidance on WaterTech's HydroNET/RainWatch program. HydroNET-RainWatch uniquely provides near real-time and historic calibrated, gauge blended radar rainfall data, providing the equivalent of 1 rain gauge every kilometre, improving knowledge of the rain that falls between the gauges.



Cost:  $75 per seminar

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