Field Trips

Included in all full conference registrations and Wednesday day registration fees and please select one tour when you register.

Field trip 1 – ACT Dam Upgrade & Healthy Waterways (long tour)

This tour will visit a number of sites forming part of the ACT Healthy Waterways project, a spillway and pond upgrade project on Tuggeranong Creek and a retarding basin on Sullivans Creek which is under review. The tour will cover a number of technical issues related to floodplain management, environmental water quality and construction stage issues.

Field trip 2 – Scrivener Dam (short tour)

This field trip will include two parts. Part 1 a demonstration of the regional SES flood response capabilities, including a demonstration of emergency response pump sets and fire-fighting quick-fill trailers for large volume water movement; a demonstration of SES crews setting up flood barriers for water diversion; and a practical demonstration of a throw bag rescue. Part 2 will consist of a brief “behind closed doors” tour of Scrivener Dam to discuss how this unique dam manages flooding in this highly urbanised environment.

Field trip 3 – National GeoScience Australia (short tour)

This tour will be an opportunity to showcase the Geoscience Australia Facility demonstrating their national role in water management and flood, earthquake detection, national scale fundamental and derived datasets that relate to community safety and the relationship with BoM.

Field Trip 4 – Cotter River Dam (short tour)

This tour will take participants to one of the ACT’s principle water supply and storage dams, the Cotter River Dam. Discussion will include the role of the Cotter in Canberra’s water supply, flood mitigation across jurisdictional boundaries and the importance to Dam Safety Emergency Plans through construction phases.

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29th October 2018

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22nd March 2019

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